Saturday, May 3, 2008

Should I stay or should I go?

[Part I of a series]

I was back home in Little Rock a couple of weeks ago talking to one of my uncles about the decision over which my wife and I are pondering relative to our impending move. Okay, "impending" may be optimistic. I should say our much, much hoped for, our anxiously anticipated, our pipe dream of a move -- given the fact that I've spent three years trying to sell our house. Arrgh!

But I digress. I remain hopeful, prayerful and patient. Yeah, I know, I don't have a choice. Because the reality is that I've tried everything to get rid of the house and, at $30k less than I purchased it for eight years ago, I'm practically giving it away Man, it pains me to say that, every time I say it.

My uncle kidded me about the prospect of our family moving to the suburbs.

You see, I'm a native of Little Rock who grew up in Detroit and have been an ardent supporter of the city. I went to grade school, high school and graduate school here. I've worked downtown most of my career. Through Hizzoner, the Nice Guy and now KK, I've defended the city and railed against those who fled for the 'burbs, including my parents who moved to Oakland County back in 1991. I refused to hear their criticism of the city, its leadership, crime or anything else. However, I now face the reality that I might be joining them. That's right, I could become a sell-out. Like all those other people I've bestowed the label upon over the years.

"That's what you called everybody who moved to the suburbs, right," my uncle, Ken, said, laughing. "I never thought I would've heard you even talk about that, man."

Like I wasn't toting enough guilt around with me already.

His words hit like a hammer, because they were on point. More so, his comment resonated so resoundingly because I have a healthy disdain for hypocrites, and always try to keep my word and deliver on my promises. Things have changed a bit now that I finally have an offer. And despite some issues the prospective buyer is trying to clear up with his credit -- mortgage companies are incredibly strict all of a sudden (a few years ago, dead people could qualify for $200,000 mortgage with no money down), this is the best one I've had, period. In nearly three years. Now, I'm up against it.

After being the victims of a burglary (see "Getting robbed") our hesitancy to leave the city has dissipated greatly. I was already skeptical of buying another home in the city given the fact that I can't give mine away. I'm competing with two foreclosed homes right next door.

The irony is that our original plan was to sell and stay in the city, just move a little closer to the Detroit/Grosse Pointe border. But now I have to consider what would happen if I bought another house in Detroit and absolutely had to sell for a job or other opportunity elsewhere? Right, I'd be screwed.

We spent some time today looking at options in other east side enclaves and saw a few prospects. Which brings me to the question -- do I stay or do I go?

Of course if the current deal falls through, the point may be moot. Stay tuned.

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Traci said...

wow... i'll be praying for miracles, too. keep us posted.