Monday, November 3, 2008

He's got pride on his side

I was in San Antonio last week for work and went running one morning through the downtown area. Running is a good way to sight see for me, and I used the opportunity to do just that.

I was a bit disappointed in the Alamo. It looked like a gift shop. I expected there to be a larger fort behind it somewhere, but that was not the case. San Antonio either needs to lay off on the marketing , because it's not all that, or add some rides and live attractions.

Then I thought that I should really lay off the Texans. After all, the Alamo represents both the city's and the state's pride, and elevation of pride is something we need more of. I get the same feeling hearing people talk about Barack Obama. They feel like he represents them, and their proud. Proud because he's different like them, or black like them, or believes what they believe.

For example, on her nationally syndicated radio program this evening comedian Monique said Obama is the first politician she would fight for -- literally. If she saw him in danger, she said she would jump to his defense. She is a large woman, and proud of her voluptuousness, so if he ever needs some Secret Service backup, Obama should be just fine.

She's is clearly not alone. I saw people walking neighborhoods today in Obama gear urging people to vote, business owners planting Obama-Biden signs in front of their stores and hundreds of mostly black Obama supporters standing in line on Grand Boulevard to vote early. I was tempted join them, but decided to get there first thing tomorrow instead.

Some people so desperately want to show their pride that they are stealing Obama lawn signs. I could only laugh as I drove down a neighborhood street today and saw a handmade sign posted on a lawn that said, essentially, that someone too cheap or too lazy to buy their own had stolen theirs and they wouldn't let that stop them from showing their pride.

I hope this guy wins, and goes on to be a great president. It would be hard not to be a better president that George W. Bush, so Obama has one chip to bring to the table out of the gate.

I think this election will be closer than pollsters are predicting and supporters are hoping for because I never underestimate the power of racism. There is a chance, however, that many self-described John McCain backers will actually vote for Obama when they get to the booth. I know it's optimistic, but I'm not the only one who feels sick every time he looks at a 401(k) statement. I believe green trumps black and white. Obama has that going for him, and of course there's that pride thing.

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