Saturday, May 16, 2009

I will take substance

Dave Bing, um, Mayor Dave Bing (it'll take me a minute to get used to saying that), stopped by the United Way national convention in Detroit this week to say "hello."

His appearance was huge. It was his first on a national stage, less than 48 hours after being sworn in, and he didn't disappoint. He didn't inspire or motivate, but he didn't send people running either. He showed leadership, and that is what we need right now.

It would have been nice to see him wow the crowd, I'll admit. However, I'm pleased with what he did, and what he represented. Kwame Kilpatick, our disgraced former mayor, is one of the best public speakers in America. The problem with him is that he is also one of the most nefarious. He ran the city like it was his own kingdom, and crashed hard as a result.

Bing displayed an air of competence and integrity, both sorely needed. I believe that he will work hard, think smart and not do anything to embarrass the city. Yeah, I know one of his advisers was indicted, but I think that can be overlooked. The person in question wasn't destined to lead any city department, from what I hear. Now I'm ready to see Bing get down to business.

The fact that Ken Cockrel is going back to the City Council, and says he's content to stay there means Bing can concentrate on running the city and need not be overly concerned with the two elections we still have to get through this year. I can't wait until the dust finally settles and we can begin to watch Bing demonstrate substance, and I don't care whatever style he chooses to use to do so.

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