Monday, May 17, 2010

Shootings not just Detroit's problem

It seems like all hell has broken loose lately. People are no longer safe in their homes anymore.

A 7-year-old killed insider her house, allegedly by a Detroit police officer. A grandmother killed by a stray bullet while preparing dinner in her kitchen. A teen shot while playing basketball in a neighbor's backyard. A police officer gunned down while simply doing his job. Each shooting seemed to be more senseless than that which followed. But at the end of the day they were all just inexcusable wastes of innocent lives.

I am no longer shocked by brutality, and I'm sad to say that. It is a peril of news consumerism. As long as I am hooked on current events I am always going to be in the front row for all the carnage that society seems to visit upon us daily.

While Detroit gets beaten up again and again after each negative headline, I contend the shootings are not a problem unique to the city. I say the culture of violence we are forced to live with today is to blame. I have always believed in the second amendment, and the privilege it affords us to bear arms in protection of ourselves and our family. I will never believe in using a gun in a reckless manner, nor will I ever lose appreciation for the value of life.

I believe that too many people have a disregard for just how precious a life is, and don't think twice before making a decision that might result in another person's death. These people don't just live in Detroit, they're in Oakland County, and Macomb County, and elsewhere. Too many of us discount that.

Think twice.

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