Sunday, August 1, 2010

Go Hansen

I like Hansen Clarke. He's from the east side of Detroit and has shown passion for representing it since I first met him 12 years ago. Now he wants to represent us in the United States Congress, and he has more than a decent shot to win the November election in the heavily Democratic district.

Clarke is smart, although admittedly quirky, and has shown unwavering dedication to helping improve life for residents of east side Detroit and suburbs. Now let's see if he can deliver.

Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick ran the primary touting her record of delivering for constituents. It wasn't always clear to what degree she was bringing home the bacon, and certainly could have articulated the results she claimed more tangibly. A more prominent statement of the investment in the district she was responsible for attracting might have helped her get beyond the baggage her disgraced son, former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, saddled her with.

I have no reservations Clarke will work hard. I just hope if he wins in November he can get some decent Congressional appointments and bring some jobs and dollars for revitalization home. Despite the cloud that surrounded her, Cheeks Kilpatrick did have a modicum of clout after 14 years. Clarke will definitely have to go hard out of the gate.

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